Magpie Monthly — March 2016

Magpie by Henrik Gronvold, ca 1890

Magpie by Henrik Grönvold, ca 1890

Spring has sprung, or has it? I am sneaking in like spring this year, dropping a mini March Magpie Monthly in your nest with unexpected stealth.

maxresdefaultDid you know about the limited edition Cadbury Creme Egg Cookies? I did not until I spied them in the market, so of course I bought them and promptly ate the entire (small) package–highly recommended if you like Cadbury Creme Eggs.

An example of artistry

An example of Judit Czinkné Poór’s artistry

Judit Czinkné Poór, a Hungarian chef also known as Mézesmanna, decorates cookies with intricate embroidery-inspired designs (via). As you can see from the image above, her work is amazing. I would gladly eat many of these beautiful cookies (and, no, I wouldn’t regret eating a work of art!). Below is a video of Poór creating one of her embroidery cookies. Amazing!

5-1These 10 comics every foodie can relate to by Lingvistov are so on target it’s not funny.


cover-castle-bigIn The Great Classic Fantasy Reread at, Ilana C. Myer revisits Child of Saturn by Teresa Edgerton, which was a delight for me. I’d read several of Edgerton’s books in the early nineties and adored them, I think for several of the same reasons Myer liked Child of Saturn. Edgerton’s stories felt more personal, not the sweeping epics of a huge chunk of fantasy at the time, but something more contained. It didn’t hurt that Edgerton drew a lot on Wales and Welsh legends, which by that point had already entranced me. I devoured two of her trilogies–The Green Lion Trilogy (Child of Saturn, The Moon in Hiding, and The Work of the Sun) and The Celydonn Trilogy (The Castle of the Silver Wheel, The Grail and the Ring, and The Moon and the Thorn)–as well as the first half of The Goblin Moon Duology (not sure why I never read the second book–I probably couldn’t find it at the time). I also remember liking Edgerton’s style, as I was just beginning to think more seriously about style rather than just story (Carole Nelson Douglas‘ Sword & Circlet series, particularly the first two books, had really made a profound impact on me in terms of thinking about style). Myer is a lot braver than I am, though: I’m reluctant to reread these books for fear that my response to them might be drastically different now, and I want to keep loving them.

Have you heard about kindcore? The original tumblr post has disappeared into the ether, but here’s a screenshot:


I’m digging Rage Gear Studiosre-imagining of the X-Men as Rainbow Brite characters. Whet your appetite with two of my favorites below and then check out the links for a lot more images.


This video for Miike Snow’s “Genghis Khan” is a delight:

Need some design ideas for your bedroom? Look no further than 13 bedrooms literature lovers would want to sleep in. Who wouldn’t sleep well in any of these rooms? Via.


Related: remodeling projects for book lovers by Mosby Building Arts in St. Louis (thanks to Ellen for sharing the link of Facebook!)

A library that was originally a seldom-used dining room.

A library that was originally a seldom-used dining room.

tumblr_inline_o4evt7pkfD1qdeo6a_540Check out Diamonds, a lovely comic by Noelle Stevenson.

Enjoy the slow but steady approach of spring, and watch out for the pollening, happening everywhere you want to be!


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