Mini Magpie Monday

magpie 2015-03-02Here I am, attempting another Magpie Monday in miniature form.

CollegeHumor’s “Downton Funk” has some pretty funny bits, Downton Abbey fans.

Another new Kate Beaton cartoon, this one about pilot Katherine Sui Fun Cheung. Click through to read the rest!

katherinesmSamuel Beckett Motivational Cat Posters on cultural responsibility:

tumblr_nkcl9dMBFN1tfsf1bo1_1280Jake Hinkson at writes about A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (I really want to see this film!).

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Photographer Hrjoe has a lot of fun with his action figures, and you’ll enjoy his photographs as much as I did. Check out his Facebook page at the link above as well as this gallery of his work. Be warned—some are a bit cheeky! Via.

Photograph by Hrjoe

Photograph by Hrjoe

Thieving co-worker dealt swift and brutal revenge for stealing lunches. Sometimes revenge is a dish best served hot.

You Are Not Alone is a really good two-page comic about supporting depression by Daryl Toh in his Tobias and Guy series (Tobias is a demon, Guy is a human; they’re dating).

Tobias and Guy by Daryl Toh

Tobias and Guy by Daryl Toh

If Taisia Kitaiskaia doesn’t turn her Ask Baba Yaga column into a book, I think I may die (via):

Ask Baba Yaga 2015-02-26Sad news about Leonard Nimoy, who died on February 27th. Spock was always my favorite Star Trek character—who wouldn’t want to be a being of pure logic? Below is GIF artist Zolloc’s fitting tribute:


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