Magpie Monday on Tuesday: Someone’s in the Kitchen….

Tuesday is for tasty tidbits on your telemetric taste buds!


I opted to open with this picture for all my Whovian readers, but, man, if this isn’t my favorite cake of recent memory. The Weeping Angels just make me so happy (while, of course, terrifying me), and this cake version by Mike’s Amazing Cakes is, well, amazing! Click the links or the picture to see more detailed shots.

Weeping Angel cake by Mike’s Amazing Cakes

This Hello Kitty Terminator cake is pretty darn awesome! I love all the detail. Speaking of detail, you can check out Between The Pages for a ton of pictures of this cake by Laura from El Laboratorio de las Tartas (do it, do it!).

Hello Kitty Terminator Cake by Laura from El Laboratorio de las Tartas

Just look at this classy Star Wars-themed wedding cake, just look at it! More images here, if you can bear it. Via.

Star Wars wedding cake by Over the Top Cakes

Ha! This divorce cake by Nicola Shipley of Tattoo-cakes made me laugh. She says, “A pretty cake about freedom, rather than a bride stabbing the groom version.” Via.

Divorce cake by Nicola Shipley of Tatoo-cakes

Oh man, this Sharknado cake is awesome (another picture at the link)! Charm City Cakes did a great job. Via.

Sharknado cake by Charm City Cakes


This fun infographic print by Kathy R. Jeffords takes all the guess work out the question. Via.


This Splash Red chopping board by Mustard would be great fun at Hallowe’en (though I have to say it looks a bit like ketchup with those tomatoes…).

ThinkGeek’s Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise spatula is some kind of fancy. Check out the product page for a GIF and a video. Via.

I wouldn’t mind having this Doctor Who silicone tray (also from ThinkGeek). Who knows? Maybe I’d make Dalek cakes and chocolate TARDISes (TARDISi?) for Christmas. Or just ice cubes to send to people. Via.



Photo by Jamie at My Baking Addiction

From Gourmet: Elvis Presley’s Favorite Pound Cake—with a ton of great serving suggestions by Susie Rodarme at Food Riot, including blueberry trifles and a Nutella-and-toasted-marshmallow sandwich.

From Pastry Affair: Brownie Cookies.

From Bakingdom: Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts Cake (via).

From How Sweet It Is: Bacon Cheeseburger Skillet Pizza and Fluffernutter Chip Ice Cream.

From Chow: Lavender and Wildflower Honey Crème Brûleé (via).

From Fine Cooking: Crème Brûleé Cookies (via).

From Everyday Food: Lemon Chicken with Herb Salad and S’mores Sandwich (both with video!).

From Two Delighted: Pudding Trifle.

From The Sweet Spot by the great Aaron Hamburger: Chocolate Blackout Cake.

From Bite Club, two episodes:

Pulp Fiction-inspired Adrenaline Shot Cocktail, Big Kahuna Burger, and Five Dollar Shake.

Sex and the City-inspired Manhattan Duck and Human Sushi Platter.

And from Sorted Food @ The Table, Epic Caesar Salad:


Not with Jack Handey.

Wini Moranville’s 8 insights gleaned from her French kitchen. Fascinating observations gathered from renting vacation apartments in France for 20 years.

Another French food bit: “WikiPearls are small balls of ice cream (it could be any food or beverage, really, especially if they’re tough to handle) that are covered in an edible protective membrane—this ‘skin’ is comparable to a grape or human cell.”


Chinese game programmer doubles his salary by quitting his job to sell street food instead.

7 secrets to being a great dinner guest. (I really need to remember secret #5!)


Watermelon Strawberry Citrus Sangria by Joy the Baker

From How Sweet It Is: Caramelized Pineapple Lassi (non-alcoholic, even).

From Thug Kitchen: Cold Brewed Coffee (ditto).

From Everyday Food: Pimm’s Cup (not so much with the non-alcohol, but I’d like to try one of these).

From Joy the Baker: Watermelon Strawberry Citrus Sangria (I really like those glasses, pictured at left).


These Harry Potter cookies by Honeycat Cookies are adorable. More pictures here (or click the image below).

Harry Potter cookies by Honeycat Cookies

These Spider-Man, Robin, and Batman cookies by iBakery are pretty sweet. Close-ups here or via the image.


These Dr. Seuss cookies by Pixie’s Treats are fun. I’ve never read Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!. I wonder where he’s meant to go? Via.

Pixie’s Treats



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