Magpie Monday on Wednesday: Someone’s in the Kitchen….

Tasty tidbits to make hump day humpalicious!


Fans of watermelon might enjoy this Angry Birds watermelon carving from the National Watermelon Promotion Board. Are Angry Birds still “in”? And did anyone know we had a National Watermelon Promotion Board? Fascinating, and I’m not even a fan of watermelon (or any of the melons, for that matter).

Instructions for carving your own Angry Birds watermelon are here. Via.

WHAT’S ACTUALLY INSIDE AN AVERAGE CUP OF COFFEE? lays it out in this short video: “Coffee is the lifeblood of our mornings, but do you know what’s actually inside that cup of coffee you’re drinking each day? You’d be surprised.” And Wired posted a text breakdown of the ingredients in coffee a few years ago. I think 2-Ethylphenol and Putrescine must be exactly why I can’t stand the smell of coffee (which makes me ill). Enjoy that java!



Drinking coffee might be worth it for these sugar skulls (a couple more shots at the links). Via.

Now I’d like to have a Day of the Dead/Hallowe’en tea!


Let’s make some stuff and put it on our mouths!

I’m still on a S’mores kick (true, a looking-at-them rather than an eating-them kick, but I’m down for making and sharing if anyone’s game), so here are two more good-looking recipes: Easy No-Bake Indoor S’mores Bars from Serious Eats (via) and S’more Doughnut Sandwich with Easy Homemade Beer Marshmallows from Half-Baked Harvest (via), both of which look pretty tasty.

Summertime means ice cream! Here are two tasty (and easy) sounding ice-cream sandwich recipes: Ritz Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches from Joy the Baker and Hobbit Door Ice Cream Sandwiches from Tikkido (via).

From Aaron Hamburger at The Sweet Spot: Cinnabons at home. Yum!

From Joy the Baker: Homemade Spicy Ketchup. Now we’re gettin’ all Martha up in here.

From Pastry Affair: Berry No-Bake Cheesecake Tarts. This recipe reminds me of one I use, which isn’t really cheesecake but a cream-cheese filling made with Cool Whip. I really want to try Pastry Affair’s recipe, though!

From Everyday Food: Potato Salad (another pretty simple recipe you can alter easily) with video.

From Mom on Timeout: Chicken Ranch Waffle Sliders (I’ve never done the chicken-and-waffle thing, but let’s just say I’m chicken-and-waffle curious. And these chicken nuggets are baked!). Via.


For Will Ludwigsen and everyone who loves Up (via).

Yoda cake, fantastic, makes Anything But Vanilla, it does. Via.

This life-size Dexter cake, made by Miss Cakehead and Conjurer’s Kitchen, is disturbing. Perhaps more disturbing is that I would have no qualms in eating any part of it. More pictures and even some video at the links above.

Feast your eyes on this magnificent Game of Thrones wedding cake!

◊ 食品

If you’ve wondered what ordering pizza online in Japan is like, there’s a video for that on youtube (via). Good to know!

Ohmigosh—these Japanese marshmallow cats are impossibly cute! Click through for more information and additional pictures.

From the marshmallow-specialty shop Yawahada


For my friends who like their summer drinks “sassy.”

From Thug Kitchen: Spiked Citrus Iced Tea.

From Not Without Salt: Bourbon Float with Nectarine Sorbet.

From How Sweet It Is: Roasted Cherry Bourbon Milkshakes with Hot Fudge (via).

Roasted Cherry Bourbon Milkshakes with Hot Fudge by How Sweet It Is


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