Magpie Monday on Thursday: Art Objects

Welcome back to another art-link extravaganza!

◊ I like Drew Green‘s graphic style—cartoony but with personality. This piece is a little different from his other work, and I like what he’s doing here, too:

The Last Thing You’ll Ever See by Drew Green

◊ Buzzfeed shared 28 soothing cinemagraphs to put your mind at ease (these GIFs really are cool and often subtle—I love the versatility. It’s not all GIF jokes, folks!). Via.

◊ Some of the most recent work by the very talented photographer Ellie Lane:

Disquiet and Desire, self-portrait by Ellie Lane (15 June 2013)

The Great Leaving, self-portrait by Ellie Lane (22 June 2013)

◊ Here’s another self-portraitist: 14-year-old Zev, who creates surreal self-portraits with the help of his 17-year-old sister Nellie. Below is one of my favorites, but check out his flickr for more (Demilked also has a nice gallery) or his blog for behind-the-scenes. Thanks to Liz Hand for posting the link on Facebook!

self-portrait by Zev

◊ Speaking of self-portraits, Grant Snider has a great comic titled Self Portrait at Here’s the first panel as an appetizer, but do go read the rest:

Photoshop Live is a pretty impressive quick-action street prank (and a fine commercial for Adobe, to boot). Via.

turquoisebeads made quite an impressive use of a quotation in this image:

Al Mutanabbi’s proverb:

“Just because you see the lion’s teeth, don’t assume that the lion is smiling”

The quote is written exactly six times through the image of this lion.



Emil Nyström‘s photographs of his baby daughter are a pure delight. Check out Nyström’s website or this gallery at Flavorwire for more of these hilarious images.

Emil Nyström

◊ Courtesy of The Goblin Market, David Aguirre Hoffman‘s The Gothic Butterfly. Hoffman shares the work in progress here.

The Gothic Butterfly by David Aguirre Hoffman

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