Video Friday

For your video edification today, I offer a lovely short documentary film, Epilogue: The Future of Print by Hanah Ryu Chung (made for her undergraduate thesis!). Bibliophiles, the official description will entice you:

This documentary is a humble exploration of the world of print, as it scratches the surface of its future. I consider this a work in progress. It is built upon interviews with individuals who are active in the Toronto print community and questions whether or not they expect to see the disappearance of the physical book within our lifetime. The act of reading a “tangible tome” has evolved, devolved, and changed many times over, especially in recent years. I hope for the film to stir thought and elicit discussion about the immersive reading experience and the lost craft of the book arts, from the people who are still passionate about reading on paper as well as those who are not.

Below is the documentary, which is wonderful. I recommend watching the video at youtube or at the official website so you can see it larger.

Also, do check out the official website, where you can explore some of the film’s “extras,” like a gallery of book images and two featurettes, one of which is “George at His Letterpress” (and you know I love letterpress printing).


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