Video Friday

Several wonderful cartoons for you today! This CGI-animated short is crazy fun: The Butterfly Effect by Passion Pictures (directed by Dan Sumich)


For something a bit calmer, try In-Between by De Alice Bissonnet, Aloyse Desoubries Binet, Sandrine Hanji Kuang, Juliette Laurent, Sophie Markatatos, all of who are third-year students at GOBELINS in Paris (no, I’m afraid I don’t know why the name is in all caps). The official description:

A young woman is followed by a crocodile who represents her shyness. As he makes her life a living hell, she tries every means to get rid of him.


And for your daily dose of odd, here’s All Consuming Love by Louis Hudson (co-written by Hudson and Ian Ravenscroft). The official description: “A tiny man living inside a cat gets into a sticky love-triangle.” Yes. Yes, he does.

Here’s an interview with Louis Hudson about All Consuming Love, where you can find out a lot more about the film.


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