Video Friday

Here are two ways to do scary science fiction (okay, the first one isn’t terribly scary). First is 88:88 by Sean Wilson and Joey Ciccoline, a well done film with minimal dialogue. Here’s the official description:

Val has lost control of her life. Those around her deny the reality of the extraordinary experiences she feels powerless against. Realizing she must stand alone, she has only one remaining option—to find a way to fight back.

You can visit the film’s website, too.

Vessel by Clark Baker (is it weird I keep reading his name as “Clive Barker”?) has a bit higher budget than 88:88 and is also well done. Part of the funding came from a Kickstarter campaign, which I wish I’d known about! The official description:

VESSEL is a very ambitious scifi / horror short in the vein of Alien, The Thing and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. VESSEL features a blend of old school, practical creature effects and slick, modern day VFX. The story focuses on Liberty Airlines’ Flight 298 and its passengers. Shortly after takeoff, the passengers encounter an otherworldly force and are thrown into a fight for their lives!

Please to enjoy!

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