Video Friday

This animated short film is serious messed-up fun. Murder, by Yang Tzu Ting, is about twin Cooper brothers, scientists who are working on a machine that clones organisms in body and soul. After his brother is violently murdered, William tests the cloning device on himself. Of course, things don’t go as planned….

The animation here is pretty spectacular and super-stylish (check out the length of those sweet lab coats!).

While we’re on the subject of cloning, check out writers-directors Trent Hilborn and Mark Mazur‘s Cycle, a live-action short film about cloning, though a bit longer than Murder (I found Cycle via the comments on Murder). Here’s the official description:

A scientist trapped in perpetual grief and the sub-level of a science facility is forced to the edge by his eternal need for redemption. Abandoning moral uncertainty, he attempts to be the first to create life without reproduction.


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